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Free Home Evaluation

When you’re selling a home, an evaluation is a critical step of the process. Your home’s evaluation can help you make sure you’re only accepting the right offers. At Cash Buyers Network, we offer FREE cash home evaluations as proof of our transparent and direct system.

What’s a Home Evaluation?

A home evaluation is the estimated value of a home. The price is given after a property inspection and uses a comparison of recently sold homes to determine the cost. In most home selling-buying process, an evaluation is required before the deal can move forward. A home evaluation protects both the seller and the buyer. It makes sure you’re getting a fair cash price for your home, versus less than what your house is worth.

A home evaluation includes an inspection that looks at any:

  • Health and safety hazards
  • The conditions of the home
  • Any upgrades of improvements
  • Any visible defects
  • And more

How Much Does a Home Evaluation Cost?

We know that selling your home can be expensive when you’re dealing with commissions, legal documents, and more. When you choose to sell your house to Cash Buyers Network, you get a FREE cash home evaluation service. Most evaluations can start around $200, and be as high as $600, but depending on the size of your house, location, and condition, they can go for even higher.

We don’t want you to have to struggle with these costs. When you analyzed your cash offer, ask about our FREE home evaluation service before moving forward to know precisely how much you will be saving in the end.

Who Evaluates the Home?

Since a home evaluation might determine the value of your house, it’s essential that whoever evaluates the home is transparent and fair. At Cash Buyers Network, we choose a third-party evaluator who has no connection to ourselves or you. By doing this, we can be sure the home’s value will be fair, unbiased, and free of any influence from the interested parties. This also follows the protocols set by the real estate community.

In our case, we’ll order and pay for the evaluation, to avoid you of any costs. The evaluation fee is paid upfront and won’t be refunded if either party fails to move forward with the sale. That’s how confident we’re in the value of our cash offers.

What Happens After the Home Evaluation?

After your home evaluation is complete, the evaluator assigns a monetary value to your property based on the inspection and comparable in the area. Your cash offer will depend on that number. Remember that our cash offers are set with no-obligations, if you don’t agree with the proposal, there’s room for negotiations based on your home’s evaluation. Once we agree on an offer, we can move forward with the closing procedures and get you the cash payment for your house you’ve been looking for.

Get Your FREE Cash Home Evaluation

Looking to sell your house for cash? Make sure you’re saving as much as possible on the associated costs of selling your house. Our extra-fast process that takes you from a no-obligation consultation to closing in less than a few weeks also includes other FREE services to lower the overall expense.

Ask for your FREE cash home evaluation service when contacting us. We’ll be more than happy to explain the process. The best part? Our team will handle everything for you, meaning you can stay calm and rest that everything is taken care of while you enjoy a stress-free process that makes sure you receive more money in your pocket in the end.

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