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We Buy Houses For Cash In Brevard County Florida

The Max Home Solutions offers cash for homes in Brevard County, Florida for quick closing that puts money right in your pocket. If you need to sell your home fast, turn to us. We buy homes in all conditions, no matter why you are looking to sell. The home selling process can be tedious and drawn-out when you go through an agency or realtor. With us, you won’t have that problem. We’ll set a quick closing date after a few simple steps and you will have the money you need. 


We buy Brevard County homes in all conditions, including:


  •     Damaged homes or homes in need of significant repair
  •     Inherited/Probate homes
  •     Homes with code violations
  •     Homes that may have expired city permits
  •     Home with liens against them
  •     Homes that have demolition orders
  •     Ugly homes that have a hard time on the market


We provide cash for homes as-is, always. We will never ask you to put work into your house throughout the home selling process. We know that you need money quickly and that you do not want to put additional dollars into a house you are looking to sell. 

The process of selling a home that inspectors label as dangerous can be next-to-impossible. It can seem like a never-ending battle regarding how to sell the property. We also buy ugly homes. Sometimes houses that people deem less than desirable to the eye sit on the market for a very long time, and you need to get cash fast. Let us deal with the hassle. You can get your money and be on your way. 

What Are The Benefits of Fast Home Buying?

If you are in a state of pre-foreclosure it is essential that you sell your house and get the money you need as soon as possible. Having a foreclosure record on your credit history makes it extremely difficult to buy a house in the future and can take many years to recover from. Furthermore, when you do try to purchase another home your interest rates are likely to be very high.  

Do not wait to sell your home. The Max Home Solutions Max Home Solutions can assume your loan and help you avoid the situation.

The Selling Process for Brevard County Homes

Getting cash for homes through the Max Home Solutions is simple. If you are looking to move fast, you can’t wait around for a realtor to show your home to multiple potential buyers in hopes that you get an offer within the necessary timeframe. We do not make you sign a listing agreement and we provide home evaluations with no obligations. 

When you use the Max Home Solutions for home selling, here is what you can expect:

  •     We will schedule a FREE home evaluation quickly and at a time that works for you
  •     We use a third-party evaluator so you can rest assured you are getting the best offer
  •     Our third-party evaluator will assign a value to your house
  •     We will go over the offer with you to see if you are satisfied
  •     As soon as we reach an agreement on price, we start the closing process right away
  •     You will get cash for your Brevard County home

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Choosing an Brevard County Buyer

When you put up a home for sale it can take several months to sell. Some buyers request long closings which can delay the process even further. If you are wondering “How will I sell my home?” and you are on a time crunch, we have the solution. We also know that you likely have many questions and that selling your home can be a tedious and confusing process. We take those worries out of the equation.

Furthermore, when you sell through a realtor or agency you often have to pay approximately 8% in closing costs. This can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. You’re looking to get cash for your home, not spend money trying to sell it. With the Max Home Solutions, you don’t have to. 


Additional reasons to sell your home to the Max Home Solutions include: 


  •     We have a team of licensed professionals
  •     We have significant experience
  •     We have gone through this process thousands of times
  •     We offer a straight-forward solution to selling your home
  •     We are a local business 
  •     We provide FREE local moving services

The Brevard County Housing Market

It’s common for individuals to wonder “Is this the best way to sell my home?” We assure you that it is. Not only will you get a quick closing, no matter what condition your current house is in and cash in your pocket, but selling a home in Brevard County can be a challenging process. With the Max Home Solutions, you avoid having to compete with countless other sellers in the market. 


Things to consider when selling your home in Brevard County:

  •     The majority of buyers look at more than ten homes before making a single offer
  •     The average Brevard County home takes nearly 55 days to move from the listing to pending stage of the selling process
  •     The homes then take an average of nearly 40 days to move to closing
  •     Current sales are down nearly 15% compared to just one year ago


These facts mean that when listing your Brevard County home through an agency, the process can be lengthy and fewer people are trying to buy. If you need cash for your home now, the Max Home Solutions promises to provide it. 

Brevard County Home Selling Season

While many think that selling a home in Florida is easy year-round due to the temperate climate, this is not the case. The months of January through April have the lowest sales rates, whereas June and October also have low rates. If you need to complete the home selling process during those times you may have difficulty. The Max Home Solutions assures that you will close in a few weeks no matter what.

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If you are looking into home selling in Brevard County and need money fast, call the Max Home Solutions today. You can fill out our convenient form online or give us a call and we will schedule your FREE home evaluation at a time that works for you. We will help you sell your house fast and put cash right in your pocket.