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Steps to Selling a Home With a Realtor

Steps to Selling a Home With a Realtor

Maybe you cannot afford your mortgage. Do you have to move for work? Or your growing family requires a bigger home.

There are many reasons why homeowners find themselves wanting to sell their homes.

Whichever the reason, you want to do it quickly and for the lost money. What is not clear is how to do it.

If you are like most people, you probably prefer to hand the process over to a realtor instead of handling it yourself. What are the steps to selling a home with a realtor?

Steps to Selling a Home With a Realtor

Steps to Selling a Home With a Realtor

Steps to Selling a Home with a Real Estate Agent

Once you bring a realtor on board, they should handle all other functions and processes on your behalf from that point.

To understand this process, it’s imperative that you know your realtor’s specific actions on your behalf. Here is a quick summary.

Step 1: Engage a Realtor

The first step will require you to get a reputable realtor to handle the sale. Your initial discussions will be around the house, its condition, as well as the realtor’s availably and payment terms.

Step 2: Determine the Asking Price

Realtors use several methods to determine a home’s value. A good realtor will find a balance between ensuring you make a fair amount off the sale and quickly finding a buyer.

At this stage, discuss your ideal price and how far down you would be willing to go.

Step 3: Market the Property

This is one area you would find challenging if you were to sell your home by yourself.

For this, your agent will take photos of your property, both the inside and the outside. They might even hire a professional photographer to ensure the images come off right.

This is important to the sale process as they will be the first images prospective buyers see. If they look great, then they will be encouraged to reach out for in-person viewing.

Your realtor will post these photos on MLS, their in-house website, and social media.

Step 4: Prepare Showings

Some of the buyers that love the photos of your house will want to view the home. For this to happen, your relator will make appointments with interested parties. Your realtor can also suggest having an open house.

Once the dates are set, your realtor should help you showcase the house. This essentially means ensuring the home looks its best during the showing.

Step 5: Qualifying Offers

Successful showing sand open houses should yield offers. However, not everyone that express the internet in buying your home can purchase it.

The right agent ensures interested buyers are both pre-qualified and pre-approved. They can then bring these offers to you for discussion, negotiation, and closing.

Final Thoughts

A realtor takes most of the pressure off of you when selling a house. However, if you find the procedures and the commissions too involving, you still have options.

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