Does Zillow Really Buy Your House?

Will Zillow Really Purchase Your House?

If you have decided to sell your house, you have probably been researching a lot about the home sale process extensively.

You are probably dreading the entire process. From scheduling open houses to listing the home and staging the house each time a prospective buyer wants a walkthrough. Much still, you have no idea how long you will need to keep this up, not to mention the disappointment of not getting an offer after all your efforts.

Throw realtors, home inspectors, and real estate investors into the mix, and it can all get very complicated and lengthy. Then you stumble upon a platform like Zillow, willing to buy your house for cash. Clear and simple.

But is it? Does Zillow really buy your house?

Will Zillow Really Buy My House?


Does Zillow Really Buy Your House?

What Is Zillow?

Technology has made most things easy to do. Selling your house is one of these.

This is the platform Zillow provides home sellers. The process is relatively simple, as well.

To get started, sellers need to fill in an online form on Zillow’s website. This will include the home’s address, photos, and questions about the house.

Once this is submitted, Zillow will send you a local real estate agent. The purpose of this visit is to assess the home and gauge its value. The agent will look at the home neighborhood, the home’s features, going rates for your area, and so on.

This process typically takes two business days.

Once this is done, you will receive an offer from Zillow. This offer will have factored in any repairs that have to be made before selling the house to its new owner. You can accept this offer, after which you agree on a closing date. This is typically 7 to 90 days after signing an offer.

There is a Catch, Though…

Selling your home on Zillow sounds like the no-frills selling process you would like to use, right? And for the most part, it is. However, you will be disadvantaged where it matters most-your pocket.

While your typical real estate agent will charge 3% to 6% of the purchase price, Zillow will charge 6% to 9% of the purchase price.  Often, Zillow pays 10% to 15% less of what your local realtor would.

You can get much lower charges on platforms like Max Home Solutions, ensuring you maximize your return.

Zillow can save you some of the hassle involved in selling a house, but unfortunately, you are unlikely to get top dollar after the transaction. Similarly, while one of Zillow’s selling points is that you do not pay for renovations out of pocket, the reality is that these repairs are already factors into the offer you get for your house.

Does Zillow really buy your house? What Are My Other Options?

Do not despair just yet. If you still need a fast and easy way to sell your homes, you still have options.

If you are looking for a clear-cut, no fuss sale, and no hidden fees arrangement where you make the most from selling your house, contact Max Home Solutions here to get your cash offer.

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